Website Help

If you have trouble logging into the new site, here could be some possible reasons:

  • Issue #2 - You were sharing an email address with another family member on the old FWMS website. Unfortunately, the new website does not allow sharing emails.
  • Fix #2 - Login with your username (first name and last name with no spaces). For example, if your name is Jane Smith, you would use janesmith as your login. After logging in, go to Profile page and verify your email address is correct. It's very important that your email address is correct and not shared with another person.

  • Issue #3 - You do not have an account on the new website. (If you have served on or walked on a FWMS weekend, you should already have an account.)
  • Fix #3Create a new account  This account will allow you to signup to serve on FaithWalk MidSouth weekends and receive email communications.
1. Go to Update Profile page to make sure your email address is correct.  You must be logged in to view your profile.

2. On the Update Profile page, click on Manage Your Newsletter Subscription link at the bottom and make sure you are subscribed.

3. Check your email spam folder to see if the emails are being marked as spam.  If so,  mark the email as "Not Spam".

4. If steps 1 - 3 are good and you still are not receiving FaithWalk MidSouth emails, please use the Contact Us form and select Website Help and let use know that you are not receiving emails.

1.  On the top menu, click on Member History.
2. Select the Community and Walk number that you would like to view members for.
*For now this is only available for current weekends.

1.  On the top menu, hover the mouse pointer over Walk Details.
2.  Select the weekend which you want to view.  If the weekend is not listed yet, the details have not bee provided so you will need to to check back later.

Please click on the Contact Us page and send an email to Website Help.